Shangpree Crystal BB Cream

Those of you who have followed the blog for a bit know that I don’t wear much makeup. When I got this BB cream as a PinkSeoul box sample, I thought, ‘Perfect! I didn’t spend extra money on it, and it won’t expire at the bottom of my makeup box.’ I do have some tinted moisturizer that I use when I need to, but I purposely got a travel size of it since I so rarely wear it.

Anyway, Shangpree Crystal BB cream. It came in a tiny packet with a pretty red label, and when I squeezed it out, the product was fairly thick, but not as oily as I suspected. My PinkSeoul box is always the one for oily skin, but I still have misgivings about any foundation and its ability to sit on my face without causing a terrible breakout.

I put on sunscreen at the end of my morning face routine, as I didn’t see anything about the BB cream itself having SPF. I tapped the BB cream onto my face with (clean!) fingers, then just kind of tapped it around until it was all blended properly. For someone who can never seem to match foundation to her skin tone (thanks, Native ancestors), this one soaked right in and didn’t leave any kind of a line around the edges of my face.

Morning photo with excellent lighting.


The real test of any kind of face-goo for me is how it stands up to my oily, oily face throughout the day. You know how your oil cleanser dissolves your makeup? My face does that for me! Ha ha, I’m so special. I packed some shimmer powder and blotting papers with me, in case I got what I call ‘the frosted sheet cake effect’ as the day wore on. I did blot at lunchtime, but I didn’t need the powder! Wow! I added a coat of mascara and my favorite lipstick to finish off the look, because for some reason evening out my skin tone like that kinda made my eyes and lips disappear.

End of day photo with less-great lighting. A little shiny, but not nearly as bad as I feared!

Aside from the staying power, I really liked how well this product evened out the redness in my skin. It’s thicker than tinted moisturizer, which I hear is a quality of most BB creams, so I was able to build it up enough to get the effect I was going for, something tinted moisturizer can’t really do for me. That might be my fault. Not even denying that.

Would I wear this again? Sure! I’m still not interested in getting up every danged morning early enough to do my skincare routine AND this, but if I came across some on sale after my tinted moisturizer runs out or expires, I’d give it a run for the occasions I felt like wearing it.

The thing about makeup for me is that it’s like an art project for my face. There’s something cool about that. It’s also a moment of self-pampering that feels pretty empowering, because I like to walk out of the house feeling like I look particularly good sometimes. We should all allow ourselves to feel that way, however we go about it.