Looking like a person who has their act together and should be taken seriously doesn’t have to be expensive or uncomfortable, but for some reason every time I look at a fashion or beauty blog, ‘expensive and uncomfortable’ is all I see.

This is a blog for people who are easily intimidated by the wide world of fashion and beauty – you’re among friends here. The strange-looking ladies in physics-defying shoes can’t hurt you anymore.

My aim in writing this blog is to demystify fashion and beauty tips, and to give practical advice that people with run-of-the-mill budgets, figures, and lives can follow without it feeling like a gigantic hassle that’s probably not worth it. I’ve recently discovered that it is possible to look great while also feeling great and still having money, and this blog is my attempt to help the rest of you get there more quickly than I did.

If there’s a certain topic you want me to cover, leave a comment on one of my posts. You can also e-mail me at thefashionbirdblog@gmail.com, hit me up on Twitter under @BirdFashionBlog, or follow the Bird Fashion Facebook page or my Instagram.

Here, have a quizzical pug for reading my About page:

Quizzical Pug


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