New Country, New Skin: How my Skincare Routine has Changed in Germany


As I’ve mentioned before, I recently moved to Germany from Texas. One of the things I didn’t expect to change was my skin, but change it did! Between the cold winter air and the different mineral content in the water supply, I’m finding my skin and hair to be much, much drier than it was back in Texas, where I was basically just a big grease-ball all the time.

Obviously, the combination/oily skincare routine I’d worked out in the states was no longer going to cut it here. To add to the confusion, I had to cancel my PinkSeoul box (*cries*) due to budgetary constraints and the extended time it would take to ship. I may pick it back up again – I’d really like to – but when you move to another country, it’s expensive. Cutting costs is pretty much unavoidable. On the bright side, now I get to explore German skincare, and(!) Etude House ships to Germany! When one door closes, another opens.

But while I wait to explore all the new skincare options open to me, what to do about my newly-dry skin? Here are the products that have saved me so far:

  • Tatcha Classic Rice Enzyme Powder – Did you think I was giving up on Tatcha? No, their stuff is still my absolute favorite. Although I had stellar results with the Deep Polish Rice Enzyme Powder, it was actually too harsh after the move. I noticed my skin feeling pretty dry and getting redder than usual, so once I finished that bottle, I went back to the Classic for something that would still help me exfoliate, but was a little more gentle. Turns out, my skin still suffers from a bit of dullness, and the regular exfoliation of a rice cleanser really does help, but I didn’t need the fine-grit polish of the cleanser made for oily skin anymore.
  • May Coop Raw Sauce and Raw Moisturizer – May Coop products were my ‘sometimes’ items back in Texas, as their line is slightly more moisturizing than what I needed most of the year. Normally the Raw Moisturizer was my night cream in the winter, and the Raw Sauce was an as-needed product if my skin felt a little dry in the mornings. Now the Raw Moisturizer is an every-night affair (and I use a lot more), and the Raw Sauce is my go-to toner and skin prep for underneath makeup and before masking. Tatcha cleanser doesn’t require a toner afterwards, but the toner/essence combo of the Raw Sauce makes for a good layer of light moisture for daytime if it feels like my sunscreen isn’t going to provide the hydration I need that day.
  • Goodal Dewy Flower Face Mist – Since I can’t really predict how dry my skin is going to feel on a given day, this face mist has been a lifesaver. It’s very light, so I can use it as often as I need to, the packaging doesn’t leak, and it smells just heavenly. Whenever my skin is feeling tight or itchy, I give it a few sprays with this mist and it immediately feels better, without leaving any kind of film or oil behind.

It’s taken a bit of trial and error, and I am still looking for other products that work for my skin, but I’ve struck a good balance so far. I’m going to do a separate post about my new hair care routine, so keep an eye out for that!

Happy Holidays, Fledglings!