What I’ve Re-Bought: K-Beauty Favorites

I’ve seen some of my favorite YouTubers and beauty bloggers doing ‘Empties’ posts, showing what they’ve used up in the previous month and reviewing them. I like this format; if you liked a product enough to use up the whole package, I would like to know more. I might start making a monthly ‘Empties’ post on here, but for right now, I was inspired by these other beauty mavens to post about the products I’ve bought at least a second time. These are my top four go-to Asian beauty products; as I get new products in, these are some that I just keep coming back to.

  1. Mizon Snail Repair Eye Cream – Guys. This eye cream is the BEST. I didn’t even think I needed eye cream, but as I was getting into K-beauty and reading up on their obsession with moisture I thought, ‘Why not? Couldn’t hurt.’ No, no it couldn’t. This eye cream was unexpectedly excellent for me, so much so that I think I’ve replaced it three or four times now. Not only is it affordable, but it lasts a long time – at least two months for me, probably longer, but I haven’t been keeping track. I use it morning and night, and while I don’t have crow’s feet to contend with right now (and hopefully won’t for a while now that I moisturize), the big and noticeable improvement I got from this eye cream was that my dark under-eye circles practically vanished. For someone who’s always had at least a little bit of a shadow under there, that’s huge. It’s honestly the most visible difference for me, between now and my pre-K-beauty days. My eyes look brighter and healthier, I look less tired, and on the rare occasions I wear contacts, I don’t feel the need to put concealer on if I don’t feel like it. I also suffer from allergies on and off throughout the year, and this cream is very soothing to my eye area on days when my face is puffy and irritated from seasonal allergies. It’s been a true game-changer for me.
  2. Shiseido WetForce Sunscreen – One of the biggest lessons Asian beauty has taught me is the importance of sunscreen. I’ll be honest, I was not up on my sunscreen game before this, mainly because I’m already so oily and acne-prone that putting something oily on my face every day wasn’t exactly in my plans. Also, I’m prone to tanning as opposed to burning (thanks, Native fam), so I just didn’t see the need. But then, as I’ve told you before, my dad got diagnosed with skin cancer and had to have some parts of his skin removed (gyaaaaahhhhhh). I decided it was time to stop  playing fast and loose with those UV rays, acne be damned. Thankfully, Asian sunscreen is a whole other beast compared to the American brands. Since Asian people wear it every single day, no matter what, they’ve developed sunscreens that are good to your skin, not just an oily mess that you need when you’re at the beach. American brands are catching up, but for my money, the Shiseido WetForce is absolutely my jam. It’s SPF 50, so no burning here, and it claims to work better when it’s exposed to sunlight, which is an awesome claim, if one I haven’t researched. I’ve used it on the beach in Hawaii, walking around street fairs for hours on sunny days, and at cookoffs and barbecues in the summer, with nary a pink hue to be found on my face or neck. This stuff is legit. Also, it doesn’t leave me looking shiny and it doesn’t make me break out! That’s like the Holy Grail of sunscreen, right there. It may be a little spendy, but the travel-sized bottle I got the first time ended up lasting me SIX MONTHS. I bought a full-sized bottle after that, and it’s nowhere near being used up. A pea-sized amount covers my whole face and neck, so not only is this sunscreen hella effective and nice to your skin, but it’s a great value as well, since you only have to buy it maaaaaaybe twice a year.
  3. May Coop Raw SauceMy travel bestie. You know I love me some products that do double-duty when I’m traveling, and Raw Sauce delivers in a big way. It’s a combination toner and essence, so I can pack one bottle instead of two, and it’s so, so soothing on travel-parched skin. It has maple extract in it, which makes me think of maple syrup, but I’m assuming they’re not the same thing. Probably. Either way, the Raw Sauce does smell sweet, and it leaves my skin feeling so soft and refreshed. When I used up my travel-sized bottle, I immediately went and bought a full-sized one. I decanted some of the big bottle into my airline-approved one, so now I’m all set! Once I grind through the essence I’m using up right now, I’ll likely switch to using Raw Sauce for my daily routine as well as for travel. Considering it’s two products in one, it’s a great value in addition to it being so effective. It’s just a good product all around.
  4. These Hella-Cheap Sheet Masks – The sunscreen and toner/essence combo above are both higher-priced, but worth it. The eye cream is mid-range, but again a really good value, as all three products last for months before needing to be replaced. But Dermal Korea sheet masks come for less than a dollar. If you sheet-mask regularly like I do, this needs to be in your arsenal like right now. I stock up on these the minute I run out, because I’m never too strapped for cash to afford them – they’re 6 for $5 at the Asian market in my town, and they’re about the same unit price or cheaper everywhere else I’ve seen. Hell, you can even buy them in bulk on Amazon, because why not. The masks fit well, the essence gives deep moisture without making me break out, and they’re just solid players in my skincare game. It’s not often that a product so cheap does such good work, but here it is, in all its glory. I do have to use a lighter nighttime moisturizer on my sheet-mask nights, because like I said, my skin tends toward being oily, but I’ve also found that any of the masks with citrus, herbs, or green tea tend to be moisturizing in a good way for my skin. Some of the richer ones I save for winter, or for if I did spend a lot of time outdoors in the wind or dust or pool. Sometimes you need to make it up to your skin, and this is an inexpensive and wildly effective way to do it. Yes, there are other masks out there that are more ~*fancy*~ and are priced to reflect that, and they’re great for trying out on occasion. But for a weekly sheet mask, go with these guys. They work great, and you can save your money for other products.

Sorry for the break in posting the last few weeks; the rest of my life got in the way and I’m just now getting back on track. I am working on some other projects, though, so hopefully they’ll be a good addition to my blogging efforts! Until then, I’m going to try and get back to my every-other-week posting schedule here, bringing you more of the product reviews you crave. Have a good week!