Product Review: Lush Christingle Shower Moisturizer 

Oh, Lush. If I were to work in retail again, I’d work for you, so that at least I’d get a discount when I spend my whole paycheck on your products.

I reviewed their Toothie Tabs a while back, and I realized that I enjoy reviewing Lush products that are a little…different. We all know their shampoo and body wash rock, but I’m in love with how creative they get with some of their products. When I went to restock my tabs and my R&B hair moisturizer, the friendly associate at the San Antonio Lush demonstrated this nifty in-shower body lotion on me.

Christingle is a seasonal product, so it’ll be gone once Christmas is over, in case you wanted to step away and place an order right quick. It’s this thick, bright blue lotion that smells deliciously like peppermint. Rather than putting it on post-shower, you put it on *in* the shower and rinse it off. Think of it as the conditioner step for your skin – you scrub up and rinse off with your regular soap or body wash, then rub this on and rinse right before you get out. That way, your pores are already open and ready for all that hydration.

I dunno about you, but for me, peppermint scents say ‘holidays’ all over the place. Peppermint mochas, candy canes, all that good stuff. So Christingle is the perfect skin product for winter – it smells like the holidays, and it’s a fantastic moisturizer for dry winter skin. My big issue in winter is that my feet and legs get super dry. I walk around my apartment barefoot year-round, so that arguable habit paired with artificially-heated indoor air tends to leave my feet needing a little extra care during the winter months. I use a pumice stone every time I shower, to keep the calluses at bay, but the second step to that plan is to moisturize my feet. Turns out, doing so in the shower works great! And no, my feet didn’t feel slimy after, so no trip hazard here. I was definitely worried about slipping with this stuff, but I haven’t had any problems staying upright.

All in all, this is an excellent product, per the usual with Lush (they’re still not paying me to do these reviews, I just love them). It smells great, it lasts a good while, and it works famously to soften my skin without leaving it feeling gooey or clogging my pores. Definitely a great winter purchase, or even a good holiday gift for the skincare junkie in your life.


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