I Tried a Bubbling Sheet Mask and it Was Super Weird

I got my PinkSeoul Box in a few weeks ago, so naturally, I was pretty excited to try everything out. I have to make myself space it all out, though, because trying fifteen different skin products at once can make your skin freak out, which is the opposite of what I’m going for.

One of the masks this round was the Mogongtox Soda Bubble Sheet. I’d heard a little bit about bubbling sheet masks, so I was pretty excited to try one out. I figured the bubbling action would help draw dirt and oil out of my pores for a deep clean that didn’t involve a ton of exfoliating.

Following the instructions PinkSeoul sent along with it, I rubbed the package in a circular motion and made three wishes…er, distributed the product evenly on the mask. This one only covers your nose, cheeks, and chin, not your forehead, but that’s okay because those are the places where I break out or have overly-visible pores.

Step One: Apply mask.


Funny face optional.


Step Two: Leave on for ten minutes, enjoy pleasant bubbling/fizzing sensation.

Step Three: Wonder what this thing is doing to your face, go look in the mirror. Realize why they didn’t make the sheet go above your eyes.


Step Three and a Half: Realize you look like a demented Santa Claus.


After ten minutes, you take the sheet mask off and throw it away, rub the remaining bubbles into your skin, and rinse with warm water. This is different from an essence sheet mask, in that you have to rinse it off after.

Step Last: So fresh and so clean, clean.

Okay, so that’s the process of using the thing. How did it work? Really well, actually. I enjoyed the bubbling sensation on my skin, though I could definitely see where someone might think it feels a little creepy-crawly. Our skin products don’t often move of their own accord. I also kept wondering if the mask was going to slide down my face, like the air bubbles were somehow weighing it down, but no, it stayed put just fine.

The next morning, my skin felt nice and clean, and it didn’t feel like it had been overly dried out, which was a worry of mine. My acne and my pores both looked slightly improved, and my skin wasn’t irritated at all, so I’d call this mask a success!

If your skin is oily/combination, acne-prone, or if you have problems with clogged or visible pores, this should be a good mask for you. I wouldn’t recommend it for extremely dry or sensitive skin, as I don’t think those skin types would benefit from this kind of super-deep cleaning.

All in all, it’s a solid product, and I’d use it again next time my skin needed some extra cleansing. At fifteen dollars, I’m glad I got it in my subscription box, as it’s not something I’d buy for weekly use, though I might get one every several months as a treat.

I’ve got another neat mask pack in my PinkSeoul swag, so be looking for more posts of me with weird stuff on my face!

Not like that, Internet. Bunch of weirdos.



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