Product Review: Tatcha’s Luminous Dewy Skin Mist

Told you we’re doing a product review this weekend!

You already know how much I love Tatcha’s lipstick. Well, I started trying more of their products, and Y’ALL. Everything they make is amazing. I’m here to review one product, their skin mist, but trust and believe, everything else I got in that order, including all the samples, was fantastic.

I’d been curious about skin mists for a while, and of course I wanted to try Tatcha’s new one, because I’m a giant fangirl of theirs. I ordered it, along with a silk face cloth for exfoliating, and I chose my three free samples (cleansing oil, body lotion, and gel moisturizer, if you were wondering). It shipped quickly, as their products do, and arrived at my house like a present from Santa. If Santa was really interested in my skincare routine, I guess.

Despite my curiosity, I was a little hesitant that my oily skin would just get oilier if I used a spray moisturizer, but following @Tatcha on Snapchat and watching the company owner, Vicki Tsai, using it on her oily skin put my mind at ease. I’ve got some air travel coming up, so I was interested in finding a good on-the-go moisturizer to combat that nasty drying effect plane air has.

Turns out, I had no reason to worry, because the Luminous Dewy Skin Mist delivers the goods. It’s a very light mist, and each spray only puts out a little bit. You can choose how much you’re putting on by just spraying a few more times for more moisture. It leaves a little bit of non-oily hydration on your skin, and brings back your dewy early-morning glow whenever you need a pick-me-up. If you get oily sometimes (hi, fellow oily friend), you can use some blotting paper before you mist, replacing the sticky skin oil with lighter, less-acne-causing moisture. According to Vicki, all of this can be done with makeup on, and it won’t disturb any of it. I haven’t tried it yet due to my deficiency of fucks to give about putting on makeup in the morning, but at some point I will, and I’ll let you know!

The packaging for the skin mist is, like all Tatcha products, absolutely gorgeous and of high quality. The bottle itself is thick glass, to keep the liquid inside stable, and it’s got a heavy lid that fits well, so it’s perfect for carrying in your purse or backpack. I’ve been carrying it daily for a couple of weeks now, and I’ve had no issues with the bottle leaking or the lid coming off. Bonus: it’s small enough that I can take it on a plane! Bye-bye, Plane Face.

At $48, this skin mist is more spendy than others I’ve found on places like Peach and Lily, but I went with it for two reasons: I wanted to support a company I love; and since my skin isn’t overly prone to dryness, this is something that will last me a good long while, so I might as well get the exact product I wanted. Better to have one really good product, than a box full of cheaper products that don’t work as well or consistently.

So if you’re looking for a good-quality mist that will leave your skin feeling refreshed and happy throughout a long day (or long plane flight), there are many options out there, but Tatcha’s Luminous Dewy Skin Mist is the first one I went for, and I’m glad I did. Once again, their products, packaging, and service impressed and delighted me.


Adjusting Your Skincare for the Seasons

*Looks outside*

Yep, still hot.

Do your skin needs fluctuate with the seasons, Fledglings? I know mine do, even though my skin type stays the same. It necessitates some changes to my twice-daily skincare routine, due to the conditions outside, the conditions inside, and my choice of activities for different seasons. Let’s break this down a little and look at how those three factors can affect your skin from season to season, and what you can do about it to stay glowing all year long.

  1. Outside Conditions
    1. If you live in the northern hemisphere, it’s going to start getting hotter around May/June, and stay hot until August/September (October, if you’re in Texas). If you live in a place that’s hot and humid, oil and shine control might become a factor in summer, meaning that blotting papers and mattifying sunscreen are going to become your new best friends. Hot and dry weather can also make you oily, so don’t rest on your laurels, Arizona – dry skin can sometimes produce more oil to compensate for the dryness, so invest in some good cleansers and lightweight moisturizers to keep all that oil under control.
    2. Once winter rolls around, you get cooler air, which is often dryer than the hot summer air. At this point, you might feel tightness around your mouth, cheeks, or eyes, which is your skin’s way of begging for some good-quality moisture. If you don’t use sheet masks, winter is a great time to start, and if you already do, you can up the frequency to keep your skin dewy. You can also switch to a heavier moisturizer if you get dry in the colder months, because the heavier stuff will lock in the moisture in your face. Alternatively, if you just put on sunscreen as your moisturizing step in the mornings, like I do, add an essence or moisturizer before you put on the sunscreen for another layer of moisture.
  2. Inside Conditions
    1. If it’s hot out, you just know there’s going to be AC blasting indoors. This can blow all that summer dust and pollen around, making your face puffy from allergies. Take whatever allergy medication you and your doctor agree on, and use a neti pot regularly (I know, I know, it feels weird, but I swear by them) to keep your sinus cavities un-swollen. This can help keep the swelling in your sinuses from transferring to your face. A good eye cream is invaluable here, as it will tighten up the skin around your eyes so you don’t look tired when it’s really just the dust.
    2. Cold air outside means dry air inside, whether it’s from central heat, a radiator, or a fireplace. Once again, it’s hard to keep your skin hydrated under such conditions. If you’re really prone to dryness, a humidifier in your bedroom could help keep some moisture around your skin and hair. Once again, add a layer of moisturizer when it’s really dry like this, especially at night when your skin does a lot of healing. If you’re acne-prone but still getting dry, a lightweight essence will bring moisture to your face without clogging your pores. And once again, don’t underestimate those sheet masks!
  3. Seasonal Activities
    1. Oh, summer. How I love you. Nothing is better than spending a day at the lake, or heading to the beach for a week or so. But alas, all that swimming and sunning and hanging out around campfires and barbecue pits can really do a number on your skin. It’s important to replenish your skin after you’ve put it through the wringer with your summer adventures, so make sure you take travel-sized versions of your skincare routine along on all your overnight trips. You’ll want to cleanse, tone, treat, and hydrate your skin every single night, no matter how tired you are, because keeping that routine will save you from having to do major repairs down the road. Of course, don’t forget your sunscreen and hat to protect your face even more!
    2. Winter fun times are just as great, and also just as hard on your skin. You’ve still got those campfires, but you’ve also got snow (if you’re lucky), cold wind, and dehydrating holiday air travel to contend with. You can absolutely sunburn from snow, so remember to use sunscreen 365 days a year, no matter the conditions! Snow sports can also leave you with windburn, a nasty red rash from your skin being exposed to cold wind. If your skin is really suffering from all that mountain time, a repairing serum can put you back in the right place when added to your normal skin routine. Serums are better used at night, again because that’s when your skin is healing. Snag a moisturizing skin mist to combat that dry airplane air, and you should be able to weather the winter beautifully!

Now, those are the things you should do differently as the seasons change, but there are some things you should not change at all – wearing sunscreen every day, using an eye cream, and doing your skin routine every morning and every night, should not change from season to season. Those things are year-round good ideas, even if you do have adjust, add, or subtract a product here and there.

Now, go forth and look gorgeous! I’ve got a product review for you next week, and it’s one of the products I’ve linked in this very article. Happy weekend, Fledglings!

Dressing for the Dog Days

It’s hot, Fledglings. I mean, it is burn-your-ass-on-your-seatbelt hot, or at least it is here in west Texas. I’m already weeping for our electric bill with all these 100-degree days.

My skin is also weeping.

So what’s a girl to do, when it’s hot enough to melt the very trees in the yards, but we still have to be in public sometimes and nudity is frowned upon in those kinds of places?

Maximum airflow, people. Take a page from the books of Earthlings who live their whole lives in, say, Saudi Arabia, or India. It gets waaaaay hotter there, and yet the people who live there largely manage to leave the house in clothing. How, you ask? Think about the clothing in those regions. One word describes it: FLOWY. You don’t want tight, structured clothing right now – you’ll cook inside your skinny jeans! No, this weather is made for some wardrobe staples that are light and airy and that are just made to get you through these dog days without melting into a puddle in your office parking lot.

  1. Maxi skirts. You might think that shorts or a short skirt would be more breezy, but a couple of factors interfere with comfort here: 1) Too-short clothing might run you afoul of HR, who is unlikely to appreciate how sweaty you are. 2) If you sit in an office chair all day, the last thing you want is your sweaty thighs getting stuck to said chair. Not breezy. Even if maxis aren’t your jam, light cotton or cotton-blend skirts that fit loosely are going to be your friend when it’s scorching out. Go for knee-length or longer, to prevent stickage or unfortunate run-ins with HR, and make sure that if your skirt is really thin, you’ve got on solid-colored undies. Trust me here.
  2. Tank tops. Wait, didn’t I just talk about not showing a ton of skin at work? Yes, but bear with me, the next suggestion has that covered – literally. Loose-fitting tank tops can be paired with any number of bottoms, from the aforementioned maxi skirts, to your short-shorts for non-work hours. They’re versatile, and as long as they’re not clingy, they’ll keep you cool. I like Lane Bryant’s tanks when I can afford them, because they’re actually long enough to cover my waistband, something other tank tops seem fail at repeatedly. Their lace trim cami is my favorite.
  3. Scarves and shawls. Told you I’d get you around that tank-top thing! You don’t want a scarf that will add warmth here, obviously. You want something as thin and gauzy as possible, but a light wrap will cover your shoulders to fend off sunburns outside and the dreaded Office Chill inside, so they’re really invaluable. Opt for thin cottons, lacy fabrics, or maybe even repurpose a sarong from your last beach trip as a summery wrap to keep your arms covered at the office. You might also find kimono cardigans or lightweight button-up shirts that will do the job. Get that airflow going!
  4. T-shirt dresses. You know those mornings where you slept for crap, and you just know you’re going to be late? These are the PERFECT days to throw on a t-shirt dress and some flat sandals and go to work. No matching, no worrying about mixing the wrong patterns – it’s one piece, it’s light and airy, and it’ll give you that casual Parisienne off-duty-model look that we should all be going for, because being over-styled takes way too much time. T-shirt dress too short? Pair it with capri-length leggings for the office, and ditch them on the weekend.

Got it? Good. Now go out there and keep cool, my Fledglings! We’re all in this together. Well, except for the Australians. Those guys get winter now.

Wedding Attendee FAQ’s

So you’ve been invited to a wedding. Or five. Adulthood, right guys? Now, before we all get lost in a fog of despair over all the prep needed, let your friendly Fashion Bird set your minds at ease on at least a few points. That anxiety you’re feeling is likely stemming from not knowing what’s expected of you, and it’s possible you’re worried you’ll embarrass yourself or cause trouble for the couple on their big day by not knowing WTF is going on. So let’s get some things nailed down about what you need to do in order to be a good wedding guest.

Wedding Ecard
Step One.
  1. Do I have to buy new clothes? Only, and I do mean ONLY, if you want to, or if you don’t own anything that fits the dress code. For really formal stuff, you can also consider renting an outfit from a formal shop, or borrowing from a friend if your budget is a little skint with all these weddings to go to. For formal dresses, also try thrift and consignment shops – I’ve given every formal and bridesmaid dress I’ve ever worn to Goodwill, so there’s at least a handful out there for sale.
  2. I have like four weddings to go to this summer – do I need a different outfit for each? Only if Vogue is asking you to cover these weddings, darling. Again, if you don’t want to buy new clothes, and you have an LBD that will work just fine for all these weddings, by all means, rock that dress. Try changing up your hair and jewelry, and maybe even your shoes, so that you feel like you’re in a whole new outfit. I bet you fool anybody who sees you at more than one event.
  3. I don’t really do much with my hair, but this wedding is formal. Halp? No worries, Fledgling, I got you. First off, there’s nothing wrong with keeping it simple – the 2016 trend is toward very natural locks, without a lot of styling. So if you just wash and dry your hair as you normally do and leave it down, you’ll look runway-ready. However, if you want your hair up and are befuddled at the instructions for those fancy updos, try going to anywhere that does haircuts and asking if you can book an appointment for a wash, blowdry, and updo the day of your event. It’ll cost a little money, but not a ton more than a good haircut and style, and if it makes you feel like you’re ready to attend the crap outta that wedding, then it’s probably worth it. Bring a pic of what you want done, so the stylist knows how to proceed.
  4. Do I have to get them a gift? In general, yes, you should get the happy couple a gift if you’re attending their wedding. Considering that they’re spending around $70 just on feeding you – not counting favors, cake, linens, DJ, flowers, tables and chairs, multiplied by however many people RSVP – you should really get them a gift to wish them well, and to thank them for spending literally tens of thousands of dollars to host this event. A considerate couple will have a range of prices on items in their registry, and if you have a group of friends who all know the happy couple, you can all chip in on something more expensive.
  5. I got invited to a bunch of showers and bachelorette parties and I LITERALLY CANNOT. How do I get out of these? Fledglings, you are NOT required to attend ANYthing. That’s one of the few perks of being a grownup, yanno – if you can’t afford to fly to LA, get a hotel room, rent a car, AND attend a wedding…don’t. RSVP no, and move on with your life. If it’s someone you care deeply about, like a relative or a bestie, use some of the money you didn’t have to spend on cross-country travel to get them something great off their registry. If they’re good friends, they’ll understand that we can’t all afford that kind of travel. If you have social anxiety and the very concept of a bachelorette party makes you want to hide under the bed, there’s a very good chance your friends know this about you already, and that they invited you to be nice and to let you know you’re welcome IF you feel up to coming. Remember, these are your friends. They’re not suddenly not-your-friends, and they haven’t forgotten who you are or what’s going on in your life. Give your loved ones some credit; they know you have a life.

So there you have it. I hope you feel better-equipped to attend (or not!) all these upcoming events and to celebrate with your friends. Remember that if you’re stumped on anything wedding-related, the best person to ask is someone close to the bride, but not the bride herself, because she’s busy. No no, don’t argue with me – she’s busy.