Review: My First Pink Seoul Box

Isn’t getting stuff in the mail great? It’s like your birthday can happen any time of the year. Well, this week I got a couple of things in the mail, and I’m super excited to review one of them for you!


Pink Seoul is a K-Beauty subscription box that lets you choose your skin tone, type, and any skin concerns you might have, and they send you a customized box with all manner of Korean goodies every two months.

Like a spa party just broke out in my bathroom.

Look at that sweet card! Who doesn’t want to see that when they open a present? Please note that some of these products are full-sized. That’s huge, Fledglings. They give you way more product than I expected.

Legit full-sized products.

Each box comes with a few full-sized bottles of skin care products, some samples, a little bit of makeup, and at least one adorable accessory, this month’s offering being the hair ties with bows on them. The little green container is blush with a little powder puff in it. I don’t wear much makeup, as well you know, but I’ll keep it for a bit and try it out just for fun.

As for the full-sized stuff, there’s a light oil cleanser (score!), some AHA-based acne serum, and a massive tub of aloe vera moisturizer that I foresee slathering on my husband next time he gets a sunburn. Can you tell I ordered the one for oily skin?

There’s a card in the box that explains what everything is and how to use it, which I find very helpful, as I don’t read Korean and that’s what the directions on the products are printed in:

The samples this time were some serums and moisturizers and a travel tube of Laneige sunscreen, which is a really popular brand in Korea that I’ve been wanting to try.

Score again!

And to top off all the fun, nestled in the bottom of this little box of joy were two sheet masks, one of which…wait for it…


…Is made with red wine. What?? According to the card, the wine serves to tighten up your pores, so you can bet I’ll be trying that one out this weekend. You know – for science. I gotta make sure that wine thing is legit and report back to you, my loyal readers.

Now don’t think the donkey milk one escaped my notice either, but honestly, after learning about the snails, nothing else fazes me when it comes to K-Beauty. If they say it works, put it on my face, because they haven’t been wrong yet.

So is this subscription worth it? Ohh yeah. It’s $40 every two months, and for all the great stuff you get, I think it’s a solid value (no, they aren’t paying me to write this). There are big-name brands as well as smaller companies, and everything is chosen and explained carefully. Their site is easy to use, and overall I’m really happy with my experience with Pink Seoul so far.

We’re continuing the wedding-guest advice next week, so don’t miss that! And in two months, I’ll have another Pink Seoul box to review for you.


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