Product Review: Shovava Wings Scarf

Okay, we’re gonna talk about skin care next weekend, but I had to interject to tell you about this amazing artist I found.

Ever since I saw these scarves, I thought to myself, “I need one of these in my life.” Through the power of Google, I found Shovava’s Etsy Shop. You can just feel the love she puts into these scarves.

Tax refund in hand, I ordered one, and asked her if I could make a blog post about the scarf once it came in, to which she readily assented. I have a lot of ‘meh’ purchasing experiences (don’t we all), so when I come across a really fantastic product, I want to give its creator credit so that they can keep creating. As the economy trends toward casual labor, like temps and part-time workers, we should all be pulling to spend our dollars on quality and service, not on cheap, breakable crap.

Just look at those colors.

I went with the browns and greens because I wanted a light wrap to go over spring and summer dresses, although she makes scarves in deep blues and reds as well. She can’t do tracking on overseas packages, but mine arrived with zero issues, and I’d order from her again even with the no-tracking thing. It ships from Australia, so us American ladies just have to wait for the mail to come in, which takes a good couple of weeks.

But man, is it worth it. I got the cotton one, and it’s light enough to be comfortable in hot weather, but it adds just enough warmth and coverage to an outfit. West Texas can be cool and breezy in the mornings, but ramp up to searing-hot by afternoon, so thin layers are a must in this climate. I’ve already worn it with a maxi dress, and I fully anticipate wearing it over shorts and a tank top in the near future.

Style tip: wear it with your favorite pug shirt.
Don’t let it get rained on, and don’t toss it in the washing machine – this baby is a work of art, so following the care instructions is important. Of course, I’ve already snagged one teeny-tiny thread on the back of a chair, but I think I got it worked back in. Just my luck, of course.

The flowier the better for summer, guys.
In short, go to the link up top and give Shovava some love (and money). Also, follow her Insta because pretty much everything she does is gorgeous.

Okay, next weekend is definitely skin care! I’m gonna tell you all about my oily, oily face. You don’t want to miss that, now do you?


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