Review – Tatcha’s Sunrise: A Plum Blossom Lipstick

We interrupt your regular weekend-ly work fashion advice to bring you a product review!

Let’s be clear: Tatcha is not paying me to review their products (although if they want to talk advertising, by all means, check my About page and send me an e-mail, Tatcha). This is a brand-new blog, I don’t have much exposure or any advertisers yet, so I’m hoping that this product review is 1) Helpful to my readers, 2) A good writing exercise, and 3) Gets the page some views. Now you know, and knowing is half the battle.

As soon as I started researching Korean skincare routines, my Facebook suggested the Tatcha page. Tatcha is a California-based company that sources Japanese skincare and beauty products. That’s still creepy, Facebook. We’ve discussed this.

But for once, those stalker-y Facebook suggestions worked in my favor, because I took a look at Tatcha’s page and immediately fell in love. Real talk: if you tell me Geisha wear this makeup, I’m going to buy it. It’s my kryptonite, and judging from how quickly this lipstick is selling out, I’m not alone in the ‘white ladies obsessed with Asian beauty’ camp.

Sunrise: A Plum Blossom is a limited-edition lipstick for 2016. As of writing this, they only had 500 left, and in some of the reviews, I saw that individual customers had bought two so they had a backup when they ran out. This stuff is hella popular.

I had some extra cash on hand, so I decided to treat myself to a fancy new lipstick for spring. Considering I don’t wear makeup at all on a normal day, and have only recently started putting on tinted chapstick in the mornings, I figured I could afford to splurge on the one piece of makeup I’m likely to use more than twice a year.

Tatcha has free shipping on all orders (nice), and they let you pick three product samples that they throw in as well. I picked their deep brightening serum, soothing silk body butter, and pore perfecting sunscreen.

Oooh, samples.

Before I get to the lipstick, let me tell you that the samples I got were excellent. The serum left my skin feeling soft and lovely, the body butter had my hands and arms feeling amazing the next morning (the blue color goes away when you rub it into your skin, don’t worry), and I’m considering buying a travel-sized tube of the sunscreen before we go to Hawaii this summer. It’s a little heavier than what I use daily on my oily skin, but if I’m going to be on the beach all day, better go big or go home. My fair- and dry-skinned Fledglings will love this sunscreen, because it’s a great moisturizer. That sample was big enough I had to put a normal amount of sunscreen on my face and then rub the rest into my hands and arms, and that is in no way a complaint. The makeup certainly is not the only star of the Tatcha show.

So here’s the lipstick. How amazingly good is their packaging? Every inch of it feels high-end; you can tell they spent some time on designing it. The actual lipstick tube is HEAVY, like, unexpectedly so. That makes me feel good, because my ungainly self is prone to breaking things, but this lipstick does not feel like it’s going to break in my bag, and that puts my mind at ease.

I put the lipstick on after doing my normal skincare routine Sunday morning, which includes swiping on some chapstick – that wore off a bit when I had my morning smoothie, so my lips were moisturized but not shiny when I put the lipstick on.

Left: inside my poorly-lit bathroom. Right: Inside my better-lit car.

Dat gloss doe! When the ad said that the lipstick has gold in it to give your lips a shine, I thought, “Okay, sure…” But no, my lips were really shiny with this lipstick on. It’s not sticky, it doesn’t dry my lips out and make them flake up, and it looked great all morning. It wears off only a little less than normal lipstick, so it’s not a stain that you can do in the morning and not reapply after eating, but it didn’t go away entirely or get patchy, so I’d say it lasts fairly well and doesn’t require constant freshening. If I wore it to work, I’d apply it once in the morning and once after lunch.

I adore this color. I’m not wearing any other makeup in the above photos – no concealer, no powder, nada – but the little bit of rich color pulls my look together and makes me feel extra-pretty. It’s hard to rock a really bold lip color every single day. It’s actually a little exhausting for me, because I can’t be ON all week. This color is pretty enough to wear every day without it feeling like Too Much Look on those days when you’re not up to trotting out your power color. Sunrise: A Plum Blossom and I are going to see quite a bit of each other through spring and summer.

Now, I can tell you’re thinking, “Fashion Bird, why on earth would I buy a $55 lipstick, no matter how great it looks and feels?”

Tatcha Letter
They’re SUPER nice, for starters.


I get it, Fashion Fledglings, I really do. This is a luxury line of products for most of us. But there is absolutely a time and place for luxury beauty products. Maybe you just got a fat bonus at work and it’s time to celebrate. Maybe your tax refund came in, and you want to buy yourself a present before you send the rest to your student loan companies. Maybe you’re getting married and you want to get your bridesmaids a nice gift, or you’re having a baby and people are asking what they can get YOU – not the baby – as a present that would make you feel great. I can see that indigo body butter doing a real number on some stretch marks.

Is your partner frequently at a loss as to what kind of gifts you want? This is a good link to send – Tatcha products are cheaper than jewelry or plane tickets, people, so you’re actually doing your beloved a favor by making a clear suggestion of nice gifts you like and would use every day, but that are still within the ‘reasonable’ range for gift prices.

As Donna so wisely told us on Parks and Rec – Treat Yo’Self! Tatcha is a great brand, their delivery times are excellent, the company is customer-focused, and you get free shipping and samples. They put in the work to make sure you don’t have buyer’s remorse, even at their boutique prices. Trust your Fashion Bird; I feel like way more than 55 bucks when I wear this lipstick.


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